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Sunday, April 5, 2020

“At our core, Atlantic Star Consulting is about understanding and leveraging the power of data.”


Atlantic Star Consulting was founded in 2018 by Dominick Barrett, whose professional background initially lay in Central Bank reporting.

During this time, Dominick recognised the need for firms submitting data to the Central Bank to have a reliable resource providing high-quality reporting, training and consulting services.

He launched Atlantic Star Consulting with an offering of Central Bank SPV/FVC outsourced reporting and training services, leveraging his experience of managing this reporting during his time in the Central Bank.


In May 2019, Atlantic Star Consulting won ‘Best Startup in Sligo’ at the Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur awards. This resulted in an investment which allowed the business to develop a new business line – market intelligence services.

Recognising the need for competitor information in the €350m Irish SPV services sector, Atlantic Star Consulting quickly branched out into providing market intelligence to some of the largest professional service firms in Ireland.

Market intelligence is the application of business intelligence (BI) techniques to understand the macro picture of a marketplace.

These techniques include data aggregation, primary research and new data generation for the purpose of understanding the make-up and composition of a particular sector, enabing clients to understand and explore new opportunities.

Today, Atlantic Star Consulting continues to grow and is trusted by major global firms to provide market intelligence, quarterly reporting, training and consulting services.

Who We Work With

At our core, Atlantic Star Consulting is about understanding and leveraging the power of data.

Atlantic Star Consulting is proud to work with major global as well as local Irish firms in the Financial Services (FS) sector. We offer these firms the opportunity to receive unique insights into their market by providing an over-arching review of the sector including competitor analysis and information.

When working with Atlantic Star Consulting, firms can expect to receive never-before seen intelligence on competitors and their market, confidential consulting services which work to relieve administrators of reporting pressures, as well as specialised services designed specifically for the client at hand.

Our Clients

Our clients see the importance of the big picture, understanding how vital research and in-depth analysis ensures their success and that of their clients.

In addition, our clients value the independent, non-biased analysis of a trusted outside resource whose main goal is to provide insights designed to drive the long-term success and growth of their firm.

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